The Cubs Classroom – Lead teacher is Kinze Laabs
Welcome to the Cubs Room!  Whether your child is moving to the Cubs room as a new child to the center or as one that is “moving up”, he/she is active, beginning to eat table food, developing some independence, and learning a variety of large motor and language skills.  The average age in this room is 12-24 months.

As in the Caterpillar room, there is a daily sheet filled out by the teachers throughout the day with information from your child’s day including:  what/when your child ate, diaper changes, nap times, and other pertinent information.

Just a few things…
Staff/Child Ratios – Staff to child ratio in the Cubs room is 1:4.  This is maintained at all times during the day.
Sleep Safety – To help reduce the risk of SIDS the center does not use blankets in the cribs.  As they are old enough they will transition to cots.  They are then able to bring a blanket to keep here at the center.  We will wash them weekly or as needed.
No Shoe Policy – In an effort to keep the children healthy, we ask that you please remove your shoes at the door or ask the staff person to take your child.  This helps in keeping the floor, which the little ones crawl, clean.
Meals – Most likely your child has moved on from baby food to table food by the time they are in the Cubs room.  They should be able to eat most foods served here at the center with the exception of foods they are to avoid until the age of two for allergy reasons (ie: peanut butter).  Once your child is one year old, they are on the center’s meal schedule which includes breakfast (if at the center before 7:30 a.m.), morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack.  Also at the age of one, we ask they transition from a bottle to a sippy cup as soon as possible.
Siblings – If your Cub has a sibling, please have them go to their room first or have them wait outside the Cubs room.  This is for the safety of all the infants/children in the room.
Vaccinations – As your child receives vaccinations, please provide Little Panther with an updated Certificate of Immunization form.  Also, as a reminder, physical forms are required to be updated annually per DHS.

Supplies Needed…

  • Diapers
  • Diaper rash ointment
  • Wipes/wipes container
  • Blanket when sleeping on a cot
  • 2-3 extra outfits
  • Sippy cup/water bottle for water

Things We Work On…

  • Feeding self and using silverware.
  • Drinking out of a cup when ready.
  • Picking up after ourselves.
  • Nice hands/touches.
  • Keeping shoes on feet.

For a printed version of this information, please print hereThe Cubs