The Panther Classroom (aka School-Agers) – Lead Teacher is Lindsie Schacherer

Welcome to the Panther Room!  This room includes kids who have started elementary school from Kindergarten to 5th Grade. The Panther room is located in the Panorama Elementary in a room designated for them.  During the school year, Little Panther is a great option for kids before and after school.  We also provide care on those unexpected “no school’ days including weather related delays, early outs and cancellations.

The Panthers start their morning out at Little Panther and walk to school before school starts.  The kids are able to walk from the center to the school while being supervised by Little Panther staff.  After school, the Panthers go to their Little Panther room located in the elementary.  Children enrolled in the Panther room during the school year are considered part time and those enrolled during the summer are considered full time assuming they are scheduled 5 days/week.

During the summer the kids start their day at Little Panther.  After breakfast, approximately 8am, the Panthers will walk to the elementary.  Summer plans offer a variety of field trips including swimming, bowling, hiking, library and many others.  On days when there are no field trips, there will be craft projects, water days, and other fun activities planned.

Just a few things…
Staff /Child Ratios -Staff to child ratio in the Panther room is 1:15.

Meals -If your child is here during our meal times they will receive breakfast (if here before 7:30 a.m.), morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack on No School days.  During the school year, your child will receive breakfast and an afternoon snack when they return from school daily. In the Panther room, each child has the option to decline eating the snacks offered.
Homework -Your child can do his/her homework after school if you would like.  The teachers can help them if needed as long as it doesn’t take away the attention from the other children.  So for instance, a teacher could read spelling words to a child to be written down but would not be able to listen to your child read as it would take the attention from the other children.  However, it is best for them to do their homework at home where they can get undivided attention from parents.

Things We Work On…

  • Remembering that we are responsible for our own things.  For instance, it is their responsibility to remember their backpacks for school – not Mom and Dad’s responsibility.
  • Keeping their cubby areas cleaned out by taking art projects and other items home on a daily basis.
  • Being respectful to our parents, teachers, and friends.

For a printed version of this information, please click here…  Panther Room